Steve Roche Stonemason Sheffield

Letter Carving... I draw every letter I cut out by hand and have walked backwards into learning calligraphy as the inscription I cut can only be as good as the one I can draw.


Memorials are a large part of what I do, it is a privilege to work with bereaved families, hear their stories, take time and be able to provide them with a quality, carefully thought out, bespoke way of remembering their loved one - special to them. My work ranges from formal headstones done to church diocese regulation to more informal standing stones which can be dedicated to someone, without displaying their name even, and placed in a garden.


Commissioning a headstone or cremation plaque is often one of the last things you can do for a loved one. When discussing ideas with a client I try to suggest using types of letters, small carvings or motifs, or stone choices which speak to some aspect of the personality being remembered.  


I pride myself on paying attention to detail throughout the whole process. Ultimately I want to create a memorial my clients are proud to put their loved ones name on.



Letter Carving Sheffield Steve Roche Stonemason
Letter Carving Sheffield Steve Roche Stonemason


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